New PRIMO Route Under Construction

So things have been super busy with me the past few weeks.  Driver training is going well so far, and there is a lot more to come before the year is over.  But that’s not to say that I didn’t have any free time to do some bus drawings.

I had extra free time during a lunch break to just drive around and I came across a realization that construction of the next bus rapid transit corridor has began.  PRIMO route 120 is scheduled to begin service sometime in late 2018 or early 2019.  Construction right now is limited to reconstructing the sidewalk to fit new larger shelters and constructing bus pads in the street.


Rendering of new PRIMO stations from


26 new stations are being constructed along the Zarzamora corridor.  Features are to include lighted shelters with seating, free 4G LTE WiFi, security cameras, and a digital information screen with next-bus arrival information.  So that got me to thinking what vehicles are going to be used on this new route.  Obviously the current fleet VIA has of NABI’s and XN40’s will be used, but there needs to be vehicle expansion.


VIA would need to purchase new articulated buses.  And since Nova doesn’t have an option for articulated CNG buses, the only option on the market would be New Flyer’s XN60.  This bus would be perfect for the Military Drive BRT, but it won’t work on Zarzamora due to one railroad crossing that has a very steep grade.  Even 40-foot buses have been known to get stuck at this crossing.  So what other options are available?


Above is a rendering of the new Nova LFS repainted into the PRIMO livery.  This option would be suitable for VIA since they are switching to an all CNG fleet, and they chose Nova for 500 buses.  The other option would be to purchase more Xcelsiors, but that doesn’t seem likely.  Right now, it’s too hard to tell what VIA will choose the run down this new corridor.

And because I was already repainting bus drawings, I went ahead and did some extra credit.  I painted a Gillig CNG bus into the new VIA livery just to see what it would’ve looked like.

VIA Gillig

I would hope that VIA would’ve gotten the regular styling, but who knows for sure.  Gillig would’ve never gotten the contract based on the fact that they couldn’t handle the high production of buses.  Honestly I would take Gillig over Nova Bus any day.

Graveyard/NABI Update

This past Sunday was a milestone… The remaining 1999 NABI’s were officially retired form service.


Bus #801 was the last bus in the series (730-809) to be “laid to rest” so to speak [pictured above].  I am quite surprised that these buses lasted for 18 long years.  I’ve read articles online where other transit agencies with NABI’s from the same year have been retired long ago, however a handful do remain in service.  Miami-Dade Transit is also retiring their 1999 buses this year, and they were built after VIA had received theirs.

Honestly VIA does a great job maintaining their buses.  The last bus series to run for 18 years were the 1992 TMC RTS #633-662.  Even though several buses were retired early, most made it to 2010 when VIA received the hybrid fleet.  Those things were constantly breaking down, some on a daily basis.


Now that the 1999’s are gone, next is the 2000 fleet (810-889).  Looking at the photo above you can see buses 815, 816, 818, 810, 811, and 824 which were added recently.  The only bus to not be retired (yet) up to 824 is bus #812.  However I have a suspicion that I saw it at the VIA paint shop getting painted white, which means the end of the road for it.


Another interesting note is the vacant lot you can see on the left of the photo.  The previous owner moved out 2 weeks ago.  Since my visit last week, the lot has been cleared of buildings, debris, and the fence has also been removed.  This can only mean that VIA is now leasing this lot to add more buses, since I doubt they could fit the remaining NABI’s in the remaining lot on the right.  I’ll find out when I visit the graveyard this Sunday for my weekly update.

Graveyard Visit 10/16/17

What a difference a week can make.  Since my last graveyard post, 18 more NABI’s were retired.  These include 756, 758, 761, 786, 849, 775, 807, 790, 784, 902, 773, 799, 794, 797, 906, 767, 747, and 862.


All of these buses were added to the northwest lot and overflowed into the “alley” that leads to said lot.  I want to say that maybe 5 more buses can fit into this alley.  No other buses have been added to the main yard.  One thing to note is the tenant to the left (the empty lot) has moved out within the last week.  There could be potential here for VIA to lease out this lot as well and continue to add more buses.  I don’t think they want to add anything more to the main lot so that they can gain access to their trailers and such.


Here is a higher view looking south on all 3 lots.  Only 80 more NABI’s left in service.  Their time is really coming quickly now that all of the Nova’s have been delivered.

Graveyard Visit 10/8/17

After a month of drone malfunctions, rainy weather, and no time whatsoever, I was finally able to visit the graveyard to catch up on the retirement of the NABI’s.  Apparently I didn’t miss much from my very last visit in mid-September.


The northwest lot received 21 more buses, bringing the lot to about 75% full.  736, 734, 742, 743, 768, 771, 796, 763, 772, 940, 732, 802, 793, 737, 776, 787, 844, 795, 751, 855, and 746 were added to the retirement list.


Nothing really changed in the south lot.  A couple of trailers that are stored here moved, but no buses were added.


Out of 217 NABI’s, 117 are retired and 100 still remain in active service.  Their days are literally numbered now as all of the 270 new Nova CNG buses have been delivered and are in service.

Bus Trip 9/28/17

So I happened to be off on Thursday and I needed to head to the Central Library downtown.  To avoid parking fees I thought I would take the bus, despite the rain.

So I drove to Randolph Park & Ride to wait for my bus on route 17 IH 35 Express.  My bus into town would be #390, a 2010 DE40LFR hybrid.  Nothing special to note hear, and it was a quiet quick ride as always.

Got off downtown at Navarro and Commerce, and took a short walk to wait for the first bus to the library.  I didn’t have to wait long as #321 pulled up, a 2005 D40LF on route 96 Vance Jackson.  It was only a 3 minute ride but man, listening to that ZF transmission was awesome.  I don’t ever remember them sounding so loud and whiny.

After my time at the library, I had spare time to just ride the bus.  #325, a 2006 D40LF on route 90 Woodlawn would be my 3 minute trip back to Market Street.  And after a short walk I would stand waiting for about 15 minutes for the 100 PRIMO #951, a 2012 NABI 60-BRT.  For a bus rapid transit route that is supposed to run every 10 minutes during that day, it’s really having scheduling issues.  That will be a topic for another time.  As for #951, this is VIA’s very first articulated bus, and the pilot bus for this order.  Just looking at the interior and you can tell this bus is aging fast.

Anyways I get off at Centro Plaza on the west side of downtown and wait for the 3 San Pedro Skip.  Bus #838 would take me to the North Star Transit Center, a 2000 NABI 40-LFW.


For a bus that is 17 years old, this thing still has power.  I’m not sure if my driver was trying to catch up on her schedule, but she was flooring it when she could and you were sure to be pushed back into your seat.


I spent some time just waiting at the NSTC to decide my next move.  The easiest move would have been to take the 550 Looper back to Randolph, but that bus ALWAYS has a line of about 20 people or more waiting to board it.  Not wanting to feel like a canned sardine, I decided to just take the next 3 to downtown.

But while I was waiting, I happened to notice a new Nova bus (#603) with some body damage that was in service.  This is the first time I’ve seen a bus in service.  VIA has never been this careless when it comes to putting damaged buses in the shop.  I’m not sure if the driver missed it on her pre-trip or maybe this happened earlier in the day, but this is uncalled for.20170928_125928

Speaking of Nova bus, #517 would take me to the VIA Metro Center where I would walk to the 5-points transfer center.  My walk would take me along the south edge of the VIA garage.  Parked here are all the 900-series NABI’s, the 3 Proterra electric buses, and some supervisor cars and trucks.  As has been the case for over the past year, the 3 Proterra’s continue to gather dust in the yard.  Most of the artics were out in service on PRIMO, and most of the older 900’s were out as well.  Saw 2 NABI’s (not sure on their numbers) painted all white, which meant that their time for retirement has come.  Also parked here were Nova’s #670 and #679.  This means that the order for 270 buses is getting close to completion.  After my walk, 2017 Nova bus #508 on route 2 Blanco would take me downtown, where I would catch the same 17 that took me downtown earlier back to Randolph.

While my trip was short, I still had fun.  I was happy knowing that despite their age, the NABI’s are still in service.  While they are being phased out slowly, there’s no telling when they will be finally all put out to rest.